SERUP, our history

SERUP has specialized in the transformation of plastics to produce packaging for more than 50 years. Learn more about our history from Emmanuelle Marie, SERUP’s CEO.

archive photo serup

I grew up within the world of thermoforming.

In the 1960s, my dad created his own machines. He started out by opening a factory to manufacture yoghurt pots for the dairy industry, then developed extrusion lines to produce polyethylene tubes for the construction industry. He then began producing crystal-like tableware for the aviation industry, along with a range of single-use tableware.

A microwaveable range was also developed to meet the needs of the catering trade.

In 1980, my father became interested in SERUP: a new challenge in industrial refrigeration.

As an engineer, he used his experience and technical expertise to transform the company’s machinery and improve the safety of its production tools. He was an environmental pioneer and was always keen to limit waste. His processing system ensures that plastic is infinitely recyclable. As a result, our factory doesn’t produce any plastic waste; instead, everything is recycled on site.

When I joined SERUP in 2000, I focused on digitizing the company and developing its French and international sales with the help of a great team which continues to work alongside me today. I believe in the importance of fundamental values; my father shared his values with me and I am keen to pass these same values on to my daughter in the future.

We have recently moved to new premises which provide a more comfortable working environment. All our facilities have been designed to ensure a more environmentally friendly approach.

My daughter, Maryne, works with me, having joined SERUP in 2018: the third generation of the family to do so. She manages the company with me and her background in communications brings a new dynamic to the company’s sales and customer relations. She wants to use the latest technology to lead SERUP into a new era.